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Our Classes

First Drivers's classes are both fun and informative! Classes are interactive and the format consists of open discussions, presentations and interesting videos. Textbooks are provided to each student at no extra cost.

Saturday & Sunday
9:00AM to 2:30PM
4 Weekend sessions required to complete 20 hours of instructional time, 10 hours in road training and 10 hours home link study- A combined 40 hours State of the Art training
Wednesday & Thursday
6:00PM to 8:45PM
4 weeks of classes, a total of 8 sessions required to complete 20 hours of instructional time,10 hours home link study and 10 hours in road training. It is recommended students pre-register by phone at 416-818-4105 or by emailing us at


Class# 1
Rules of the Road:
  • Highway traffic System HTS. Traffic Laws and regulations,
  • Vehicle insurance requirements
  • Traffic Control Devices
Class# 2
The Vehicle and its components:
  • Knowledge of your vehicle. Pre-trip checks,
  • Safety restraint systems
Class# 3
Vehicle Handling and Driving Techniques:
  • Safe and responsible vehicle control
  • Parking Techniques
  • Vehicle handling under various conditions
  • Basic Collision avoidance strategies
Class# 4
Driver Behavior:
  • Adjusting driver behavior for different driving conditions
  • Positive driving attitudes and behavior
  • Responsible and informed decision making
Class# 5
Respect and Responsibility:
  • Responding to Emergency vehicle and Emergency situations
  • In case of a collision
  • Respectful and responsible driver (Leadership in promoting safety)
  • Fuel efficiency, Alternative fuels
Class# 6
Sharing the Road:
  • Co-operative Driving, habits and attitudes
  • Appropriate Communications
Class# 7
  • Types of impairments, drugs and medications
  • Distractions and managing attention
Class# 8
Perception and Risk Management:
  • Safe and proper observation skills
  • Personal risk tolerance, objective risk vs. percieved risk understanding
  • Effective decision making to ensure safe driving
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